Hello, shared credit with GREGORY PECK!?

No one likes a name dropper, but I am interrupting my regularly scheduled programming of deep humility to drop one real quick here. Incredibly, the late, great (and strangely first film crush of my weird childhood), Gregory Peck narrated my latest project, Joseph Smith: American Prophet. It is an update of a successful 1990s historic docudrama that was the legend's last film contribution.


Fall 2017 and Winter 2018 have seen PBS stations nationally airing the two hour special on the life of the titular founder of Mormonism. I was delighted to star as the wonderfully complex and divisive Emma Smith, Joseph's first and most prominent wife. 

Below are some highlights of my contribution to the film, which can be found on DVD and still in the lineup of local PBS stations.

A loving bushel and a PECK,




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